Friday, September 24, 2010

So im back into the swing of things

Its been a new experience moving out and starting up new in fullerton. im honestly loving school here when people aren't breaking into my dorm room. there is always something going on. a party, a hockey game, debate team, heck i go to anything and everything here. i know i promised this blog would be about me ranting about issues, probably political, and it still will, im just very busy at the moment.( read previous posts for why) Im collecting some articles and will start ranting on them soon, i promise :)

btw anyone here play mine craft, that game is freaking awesome!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man sometimes i hate police...

heres a bit of a advice... if your going to lie to a cop dont do it with your girlfriend around. the past couple of days have been rough first like i talked about before i got my playstation stolen and now this. today me and my girlfriend are hanging out in between class and were looking for a place to take a nap, well behnd the staterbrothers in my car seemed like a good place right? not bugging anyone, not causing problems seemed like a prety safe bet, guess not. turns out that will catch you a trespassing charge and a charge for falsifying a report to a cop. ya its bad when your gf tells the cop you are lieing. :( this week suks

Monday, September 20, 2010

I wake up this morning, ready for a nice game of madden on my Ps3 and what do you have it, all that was there were the power cable and the tv cables. seems last night someone took it on themselves to break into my dorm room here at CSUF and steal my playstation, ipod, and controllers.  i suppose thats what i get leaving my door unlocked at night.

So This Project is Ago...

I never really understood the blog thing but i figured i would give it a shot. Not 100% sure were im going with this blog but at the moment im going to take current events and rive my own personal comments on it. it might not be apparent in this post but im a little bit insane sometimes. ima talk a bit about my life as well, give you some insite into the life of a college freshman.